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Crispy French Fries

By:-anit Chauhan

Hot French fries with a pinch of salt topped with vinegar, mayonnaise or ketchup, what else we need for good snacks. French word in French fries often make us believe that it's a French dish where as in all French speaking countries fried potatoes are formally referred as frites, pommes frites or patates frites. It’s just the popularity that fries are tagged as French fries. French fries are made with sweet potatoes or potatoes. Secret of outstanding homemade French fries is to fry them twice, and chill them in the refrigerator in between frying. The first plunge in oil cooks the potatoes through for a fluffy texture; the second one, at a higher temperature, forms a crisp exterior. I always felt that the French fries we get in restaurants are much crunchier than our homemade fries, the reason behind is the cooking technique and the equipment they use.

They have commercial deep fryers with temperature control. Another advantage comes from the way restaurants use oil. I know it’s an easy excuse for not being able to match restaurant standards but reality is if you are making fries at home, you’ll be using the oil directly from the bottle. As a matter of fact, fresh oil isn’t the best oil to use for French fries. It is because oil is heated, it starts to break down. It has to do with how much effectively the oil molecules bond with the food, fresher oil doesn’t bond well. When the oil breaks down too much, it creates smoke which is not very good for fries either. So the best oil is not which is too old or which is very fresh but the best oil is which is used continuously for a while.

Another trick is to blanch the fries in water then freeze them which allows the potato moisture to escape thus producing crispier fries. Restaurants fry their fries twice, once in mild heat and second on high flame which makes it crunchy delicious. Fries can also be baked instead of fried but to do so you must ensure a correct pre-heated oven, you should brush the fries with little oil put them over the rack and be sure to toss the fries at least once or twice while they’re baking. You can cut fries in your own style, as is the case with the curly fries, wavy fries, or tornado fries. Fries are not only a good anytime snacks but are even eaten as an accompaniment with lunch or dinner in many parts of the world. I love to eat French fires with hot periphery sauce, it’s unusual but that’s how I am.