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Crispy French Fries

by anit Chauhan /

Hot French fries with a pinch of salt topped with vinegar, mayonnaise or ketchup, what else we need for good snacks. French word in French fries often make us believe that it's a French dish where as in all French speaking countries fried potatoes are formally referred as frites, pommes frites or patates frites. It’s just the popularity that fries are tagged as French fries. French fries are made with sweet potatoes or potatoes. Secret of outstanding homemade French fries is to fry them twice, and chill them in the refrigerator in between frying. The first plunge in oil cooks the potatoes through for a fluffy texture; the second one, at a higher temperature, forms a crisp exterior.

Where does biryani come from?

by anit Chauhan /

Biryani has originated from Persia Iran and has travelled the route to reach all through India. Biryani is derived from a “beryan” which means fried or roasted. Based on the name is the cooking style which is called “dum” style. One can say that the history of biryani has started from Arabic counties. It could be brought by the Arab trade route too.

Kiwi Fruit

by animesh dubey /

Raw kiwi contains actinidain, a protein-dissolving enzyme that can help digest a meal much like the papain in papaya or bromelain in pineapple.

Cancer – beast which can be cured

by anit Chauhan /

Disease which can bring darkness in our life, which can now be cured -- is caused by normal cells changing i.e.. abnormal cells which divide/grow in an uncontrolled way to create a tumour. Each one of us is made up of billions of cells and so the "Cancer" is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues. Roughly there can be more than 200 different type of cancers.

Are Men from Mars and Women from Venus???

by John Doe /

A lot has been said and written about the differences and similarities between Men and Women. People have written numerous articles, research papers (wow!) and books (like the title says!).