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Sleephungry provides free-access to one-stop digital solution to wide range of customers globally.With an idea of 'All' at one place Sleephungry promotes "be hungry for more". Currently we have launched the first phase of this portal which contains tools like SHCV (Resume builder), SHQT (Quality Assurance tool) and SH School (ERP Solution for Schools) which provides solution to people by combining their needs and diverse elements of interest from different global geography.

We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to the customers and, often, to the world. Hence our team is working on something unique for the second version of this portal.

Sleephungry was established in August 2013 by visionaries who are internet savvy and hence identified the issues and challenges faced by internet users. What started as a coffee table discussion, soon gained momentum to become a shared vision by innovative enthusiasts across different industries. Creativity achieved new heights and ideas started flowing in. Sleephungry is now a brand product of Aquaspade pvt. Ltd which is a team of over 56 individuals who bring their own specialities to the table.

Along with the young and energetic fresh graduates from college, experienced and vintage experts from different industries are also showing interest in joining Aquaspade as advisors. Looking back, we are happy at the progress we have made but we have set our targets high… because at heart we are zestfully innovative and always hungry for more!