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Sachin R Tendulkar : The man everyone wants to be

By:- Ruchit Kulseja

I recieved this message a year say's
When I was 5 years old, watching live
match, I asked
my father "who is he....?"
He replied- Sachin......Sachin Ramesh

Tendulkar.....Mast khelto..
When I was 8 years old, we started to
learn how to play
cricket by copying him....

@ the age of 15 we were struggling for
exams....he was playing cricket for
nation.....He was
our Hero....

@age of 24- got job n next day Saw
Sachin lifting
World Cup for India

Today I m on the way to office.....can't
recall when i
played last match on ground.....he is
still playing for

Just one wish....after few years, my son
should ask
me,while watching live match, "who is
he...?". And my
answer will be--Sachin......Sachin
Tendulkar.....and he is just

23 Years on the cricket field , has been an immense contribution from a single human being .

What he did to this game was just tremendous, Cricket once just a game in India , has now become a religion , which unites Indians not just in India , but across the world,be it any part of the world you go to.
Its all because of what this legend did in the decade of late 1990 ,It empowered India to at a big level , he single handedly proved to the world he was ready for any challenge , and today if you read comments from the best of those era
You will just see words of applause from any bowler, Denis Lillee to Curtly Ambrose to Allan Donald to Brett Lee to Wasim Akram to Dale Steyn. He has dominated the best in the world and that’s the reason for him to have achieved all the respect he holds today.
I need not mention any specific innings , or about his ups and downs in cricket. Its not anything new , that people are not aware off, but I want to share a recent experience, which I suffered and what made me feel a glimpse of what it takes to be Sachin Tendulkar.

Recentlty I appeared for trials of Bowling for one my closed groups organized by corporates in India. We had around 2000 people who appeared for the trials ,
When I was given the chance to bowl , I was allowed to bowl only 2 deliveries. And the ball was taken from me. And same was the case with just everyone ,later on they just went on to select just one bowler and on what basis only they know , because for me its too difiicult to judge someone just on two balls.

I just wondered if it was that difficult for me to be selected out of 500 bowlers, being a 24 year old grown up, how would a 14 year kid would have made it to Deniss lilee’s pace academy, what kind of determination he would have possessed.
Yes Sachin Tendulkar first came in for trials at the age of 14 as a medium pace bowler and was asked to forget bowling and concentrate on batting rather, two years later he turned up again and finally at age of 16 made it to the Indian team , out of the billion people of India, being the youngest to be representing your nation , shows the passion , determination , prowess of this great Human Being.
And there after he never looked back . There are hardly words to describe what he has done , encouraging genrations , and being an idol for them, Inspiring them to do wonders in their field and making them believe , that if you remain focused to your targets , there’s not a thing in this world you cannot achieve.

Today being one of the most renowned sports person in this world , he truly deserved the Bharat Ratna award.
But what hurts me is when still you here people saying some utter crap about him , especially about his decision of retirement coming up late/early , should have been after worldcup 2011, etc.

I mean the youth who grew up watching him , are just 24. 25 years old , that’s almost age of his career . these people who don’t even know how to hold a bat properly speak about him , he should have done this that , or india loses when he scores a hundred or other stuff. I do believe that everyone has their own opinion and I am not discerning their thoughts or criticizing any one .but all I have to say is just one thing and make a request to all these people who think that way .

Just look at your lives , You want a leave every sat , Sunday , govt holidays , you want to celebrate your festivals with Family , and leave your work aside , on the other hand , he served your country , no matter it was Diwali, Christmas , new year , and most importantly 3 days later his father passed away . just ask your self if you are ready to give that commitment to your work , career. He missed life with his family and so many other sacrifices , but all people want from him is to score a hundred everytime he bats.
Thers is some much to write and say , that I wont be able to cover up in just one blog.
So guys I would just request you to do one thing , #respectTheLegend if not for what he has done , then for atleast something you know you cant do.

#SachinRT you will live in our hearts forever.