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by Smita Sharma /

Success is attainment of a goal which you set in life. It not a one day story but a journey of a lifetime. Success cannot be achieved in a blink of an eye it requires sheer dedication.

PPF- Benifits of Public Provident Fund

by animesh dubey /

I remember when my dad sugested me to deposit some money in PPF and I never agreed to him till the time i realised i should have opened it long back. Now I have openned my PPF account and now I understand the benifits of it. Below are some key features mentioned about PPF.

Red ink emails are wrong

by anit Chauhan /

Red which is often referred as aggressive color sits at the end of the spectrum. It also had a negative association, with heat, destruction and evil but that's not all in some cultures like China -- Red color is associated with happiness, where as in others it is commonly associated with sacrifice, passion, fire, beauty, battle, communism, socialism, blood and anger.

Brain Drain

by Gopika Mathur /

The term brain drain means when skilled intellectual and technical labor through the movement of such labor to more favorable geographical, economical or professional environments. In simple words it is emigration of scientists, technologists, academics, etc, for better pay, equipment or conditions.

Sachin R Tendulkar : The man everyone wants to be

by Ruchit Kulseja /

I recieved this message a year say's
When I was 5 years old, watching live
match, I asked
my father "who is he....?"
He replied- Sachin......Sachin Ramesh