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Red ink emails are wrong

By:- anit Chauhan

Red which is often referred as aggressive color sits at the end of the spectrum. It also had a negative association, with heat, destruction and evil but that's not all in some cultures like China -- Red color is associated with happiness, where as in others it is commonly associated with sacrifice, passion, fire, beauty, battle, communism, socialism, blood and anger.

Since it is the color of the wavelength of light on the spectrum and easily visible, hence all danger signs like stop signs/lights, fire equipment’s, brake lights are painted red.

People like to write using colorful inks for fun or to emphasize particular words. Though the intention is to make sure that those words in particular will get your attention but sometimes using red ink in such emails is risky.

Since red color has negative connotation, so you are leaving the level of emphasis up to the other side. It sounds as if you are an angry person, it might create a bad impression about you. In normal course of the day Red ink makes your email as warning email which is to express that the sender is clearly upset and want you to action on the email on priority. However there is nothing wrong in writing red ink email in casual correspondence because you know the reader and you are just sending an email with a louder voice. This is much different than writing an email in all caps or yelling on someone.

However, it’s always Good to avoid negative connotations unless its really required.