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Cancer – beast which can be cured

By:- anit Chauhan

Disease which can bring darkness in our life, which can now be cured -- is caused by normal cells changing i.e.. abnormal cells which divide/grow in an uncontrolled way to create a tumour. Each one of us is made up of billions of cells and so the "Cancer" is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues. Roughly there can be more than 200 different type of cancers. Normal and abnormal, sequence and mutation...all goes side by side. Hence cancer was in their presence the very moment a gene was created. But with a lot of research cancer was identified and now many types of cancer are also cured only if they are found in early stages.

Since cancers are caused by different things, so there isn't one strategy that can prevent them. Scientists are doing a lot of research on various types of cancer to try and cure more people. Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation, surgery, Gene targeted therapy, monoclonal antibodies -- they are trying to use whatever they have. But since a cancer probably just grows out in a random direction from the place where it started. So, tumours grows along the easiest route. Hence scientists are trying to find ways to stop this cells movement. That's why early stage detection in most cases are curable.

But here we are talking about a disease which is like beast which changes moods at random. Hence caution is the only best cure of cancer. We all should be matured enough to understand that it can happen with anyone. So If anything bothers you, or comes across to you as out of the norm, then immediately seek your doctor. Cancer is not as harmful as the self-denial -- that cancer cannot knock on my door.