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Are Men from Mars and Women from Venus???

By:- mithun kumar

A lot has been said and written about the differences and similarities between Men and Women. People have written numerous articles, research papers (wow!) and books (like the title says!). And I’m writing this blog here for a very similar purpose!! All living beings (well..most of them!!) were categorized by God into two categories: Male and Female. We travel through this life cycle experiencing the changes that have been predesigned for both the groups. And we all belong to of these categories. This feeling of belonging to a group which has so many unique characteristics in itself makes us proud of being a part of it. This, atthe same time also makes us inquisitive about the other group. Talking about Males: The nature has designed them to be competitive, logical, dominating, and intelligent and to some extent introvert.

They prefer being in a position of power in the group that they belong to and compete against all others to the best of his ability to achievethat. They are also considered to very emotional, but the outburstcan be seen only in some extreme situations. They are meant to protect and preserve the good and destroy the bad (I think that explains the liking for Superhero movies and other action flicks!!) Talking about Females: Asrumor has it…they are considered to be humble, creative, honest and to some extent outspoken. They believe in expressing every emotion to the fullest be it joy,pleasure,sorrow, frustration or anger. They also have feeling of competition and love playing the game with their own rules (oh yeah!).You will always find an aura of peace in their company and long to get more of it. Then why do we see almost all the couples on this planet complaining about the understanding and explaining issues. Why does the company of a person who meant so much to you suddenly makes you feel so irritated. Well.. The answer lies just there. Like with any other problem, the answer lies in facing it.

Communication in the best possible way (I would say speech, preferably a dialogue between two) to get rid of all such problems. We always find it so hard to communicate our feelings to our partners when they are the ones who are most approachable and the caring ones! So, dear friends.. speak up and clear out all the differences between you and your beloved(or just a friend)to make your life beautiful. Don’t let those shadows of ego shatter the bond that you have built so carefully and lovingly. Life is indeed beautiful and it is meant to lived..just the way you want it