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By:- Smita Sharma

Success is attainment of a goal which you set in life. It not a one day story but a journey of a lifetime. Success cannot be achieved in a blink of an eye it requires sheer dedication.
The key to success is in the four steps hereby mentioned

Have clarity on what you want and why you want – every individual has dreams to achieve. A list of wants needs and desires to be fulfilled. One must be very clear about the feasibility of achievement. One’s own capability and the reasons behind the desire to achieve.

Prioritize your desires – the list of desires in one’s mind should be prioritized according to its feasibility. A person should know what he wants more and what the last thing he would desire. Prioritization can be done on the basis of knowledge, skill sets, interest and various other parameters.

Take action – when a person knows what he wants in his life, he should take corrective actions towards this direction. Start working with a positive mind and a ready to risk attitude. Step by step you will grow near to the goal and eventually become successful.

Commit to daily exercise - everyday work counts. With a broader vision and a strong willpower, a person can face any hurdle of life. Dedication is the required backbone with which a person moves towards the goal. The desire to achieve should not rest and never giving up attitude will count.

On following these 4 simple steps in life, you can achieve all the desires and dreams you once thought to achieve and success will be yours.